During the 9th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in North America and Australia Awards ceremony recently held at the Chinese Restaurant Foundation Center in Newark, California, in this February, 2013, Chinatown Buffet received recognition as one of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in USA in the categories of “Top 100 Overall Excellence” and “Top 100 Local Favorite”.

About the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Awards

Chinese Restaurant News (CRN), a national trade publication of the Chinese food industry, names the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants each year. The Top 100 Awards sets the standard for excellence, aiming to present the very best of Chinese cuisine, which has become a part of America’s daily dining scene.

The Top 100 Overall Excellence Award signifies the competition's highest honor. Recognition also will be given to excellence in other categories, such as Regional Cuisine, Take-Out, Buffets, Best Decor, Signature Dish, Rising Stars, Asian Fusion and Healthy Menus. The Top 100 competition is open to all Chinese restaurants in the U.S. Participating restaurants include newly established restaurants, seasoned restaurants, chain restaurants and past award-winners.

Gaining more recognition and prestige with every passing year, the 6th annual Top 100 Awards successfully covered more restaurants in exciting categories. Sponsored by National Restaurant Association (NRA), Healthy Dining, Coco Cola, Lee Kum Kee, Kikkoman Corporation, Yanjing Beer, and Palazzo Las Vegas, this national event provides an ideal platform to exchange ideas and has brought the winners to the spotlights, which grabs raving accolades from media across America.

About Chinatown Buffet

During the 8th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the USA Awards ceremony? held in Santa Clara, California in this January, 2012, Chinatown Buffet received recognition as one of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in USA in the category of “Overall Excellence”. The restaurant also received the same distinction in 2010, and the "Top 100 Chinese Buffet " award in 2009.

Chinatown Buffet prides itself in serving Chinese cuisine using the highest quality and freshest ingredients, delivered on a daily basis to the restaurant. The restaurant features a variety of food options, with temptations in every category that satisfies any cravings. Each delectable dish is a perfect blend of vivid flavors and vibrant textures, and is reasonably priced and tastefully presented by extraordinary kitchen staff. Meals are served promptly by friendly and courteous wait staff.

In the Mystery Dining Report conducted by About Face, a leading research dining service company, the restaurant received a desired score of 91. This report serves as an on-site evaluation paper for the award selection in the competition, including décor, food, cleanliness & sanitation and service assessment.

Treat yourself and your family to a superb dining experience at this award-winning restaurant. It is among our nation’s finest and you will certainly be glad you did!